Dark Lasers don’t shoot “non-light” [Popular Press]

Good ole Gizmodo posted one a while ago called Dark Lasers Fire Dark Pulses of Light, Presumably For EVIL which is a cute enough headline. But I dug into the actual article and noticed a bit of… hype? In Giz’s defense their article was previously twice distilled from the actual scientific article but the concept of “non-light” is erroneous. These dark lasers are just a different type of rather common lasers. Instead of having pulses of light (or increased output over a background) these lasers are normally on, or have some background intensity that then pulses “darkness” or decreased intensity.

Weak sports analogy: in golf it’s quiet with spurts of fans cheering. In soccer with vuvuzelas it’s always loud with spurts of decreased noise (say during the national anthem). Vuvuzela crowds don’t make “non-noise” just short periods of less noise. These dark lasers don’t make “non-light” just short pulses of less intense light.

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Nick Fahrenkopf on July 9th 2010 in Popular Press